ordering solutions

Ordering Solutions

iPad application for booking orders and capturing detailed leads


  • Works with or without an internet connection
  • Display pre-books orders, order history, preselected items, and track available product inventory
  • QR Code scans attendee badges for accurate orders
  • Display contents of shippers and item images right on the screen
  • Dynamic ship date options available
  • Multiple ordering configurations based on your requirements are available
  • Capture special order items
lead solutions

Lead Solutions

Comprehensive post show lead management application


  • Users collaborate to follow up on the leads from your event
  • Users can edit, add specific notes, and close leads
  • Lead status updates allow easy follow up and maximize ROI
  • Export and print your lead reports as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet
  • Generate a “Shipped vs Lead” report to track lead completion
registration solutions

Registration Solutions

Onsite registration application utilizing iPads


  • Create new/prospect accounts
  • Add or edit buyers & guests
  • Send custom email and text notifications for pre-registration
  • QR Code-scan instantly locates accounts for quick check-in
  • Records show attendance for accurate reporting
  • Enable Kiosk Mode to provide show attendees with self-service registration stations
market solutions

Market Solutions

Capture orders for virtual selling events or bookings


  • Easy to navigate ordering site for salespeople and customers
  • Display sales trends and identify must-buy items by importing historical orders
  • Enhance and customize item information with images
  • Mimic the layout of your show book with page number navigation
  • Online, custom sorting reports available for the salespeople or customers
  • Capture multiple event, promotions, or bookings
flex solutions

Flex Solutions

Responsive mobile web application for booking orders and capturing leads using a smart phone


  • Order product or place leads within seconds on your personal smart phone
  • Enter order quantities and view ship dates with a single click
  • View show orders and lead reports in real time
  • Simple, intuitive order recap provides a quick overview of orders & leads
  • Multiple filters quickly sort recap to your specifications
  • Salespeople can view customer attendance in real time